Real Profit$™ Coaching Success Stories

We promise, if you do your part, you will complete at least one real estate transaction while enrolled in Personal Coaching.


Real Profit$™ Coaching students are real people from every walk of life—from all across America. Their success stories are real and backed by signed affidavits and financial documentation. In all cases, the Real Profit$™ in Real Estate program and the Coaching program have dramatically changed their lives. No student has been paid for sharing their story. We don't use our students' last names to protect their privacy.


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Carleton's system works — Thomas W., Michigan

Step by step the Sheets coaching program works. I am proof of the process.

Carleton's program changed my life totally — Brenda S., California

I'm grateful to Carleton for putting this together.

Get Educated — Cheryl Y., Missouri

To be a real estate investor, you have to be confident. And the best way to gain confidence is to 'get educated.'

We wanted to quickly get to a higher level — Ken K., Hawaii

Our coach was outstanding. He gave us the tools we needed to quickly analyze properties and decide if they were good investments or not.

The coaching program is a real motivator. — Ann C., Indiana

The biggest obstacle we faced was people saying, 'You can't do that in Indiana.'


Showing 1 - 5 of 11 Success Stories | Page 1 of 3

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